There are so many options for kids bikes these days. They've never had it so good. From £100 up, you can get a decent kids bike, but spending more doesn't mean that it will cost you more. How does that make sense, you may ask, but if you buy a kids bike for £150, you will not be able to sell it in a couple of years. If you buy a bike for £300, however, you will easily be able to sell it for £150 in two years. That's because a good bike holds it's value, whereas inexpensive bikes fall apart and become landfill. The major benefit is that your child has a safer, more enjoyable bike to ride, which means they are more likely to love cycling. How much do we believe in this philosophy? When you buy a bike from us, we guarantee that in 2 years, when you return it to us for the next size up, we will give you a credit for the new bike of 50% of what you paid for the smaller bike.

Kids bikes come in many sizes for 2 years old to 12 years old and can be configured for all sorts of riding, but the most popular is the cross bike for all those park adventures while still fun to ride on pavement. Lightweight and easy to use, all our best suggestions are below, but we have access to so many more, so come in and see us.